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Creative Thought

New Thought principles are the foundation of my teaching & my personal life.

As a Licensed Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioner & Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner,

I am honored to share those principles – & guidance on their practice –

with anyone who desires to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled & abundant life.

Please contact me for complete information. Thank You!

I had a BARS session with Deborah Belcher last week. I enjoy trying new forms of bodywork, especially ones that help me release old patterns and beliefs as well as things I take on from other people that are not “mine.” I spent an hour with Deborah. She touched my feet briefly and spent the rest of the time on my head. I had several waves of release out of my left hip at one point – a place where I had work done in the past. And then there was a period of intense sensation at the back of my head. I left with new understandings, and having let go of several strong patterns and beliefs that have limited my joy and success. I highly recommend a session with Deborah and have already referred several people I know.

Melissa C., Asheville, NC

Business Coach