Asheville Piano Experience

Tuition & Attendance Policy

Tuition Includes:

  • Solo & Group Lessons based on an individually tailored Sensational Piano Playing™ curriculum
  • Transformation of your practicing, playing & enjoyment of the piano – enhancement of your study/practice skills, piano technic, musicianship, & of your performance skills if desired
  • Enhancement of your understanding of Music Theory & Music History/Style
  • Communication/Parent-Teacher Conferences – phone, text, email & in person
  • Lesson & event scheduling
  • Research, procurement & inventory of teaching materials
  • Repertoire planning & paperwork for recitals & competitions
  • Travel to/from & attendance at off-site events
  • Bookkeeping, invoicing & other business expenses
  • Facility & Instrument care & maintenance
  • Teacher investment in Continuing Education
  • Mentoring by a Master Teacher with more than 6 decades of training & experience in piano study & performance, degree programs & pedagogy
  • Teacher professional organization memberships

Registration & Music Fees

  • Registration Fee – for new students – $40, one time, nonrefundable – payable when Lessons begin
  • Music Fee – for new & continuing students – $60, annual, nonrefundable  – payable in July for continuing students, or when Lessons begin for new students. Covers music & materials required for a calendar year of study for most students. (May be pro-rated for new students – TBD by date that Lessons begin.)
  • I will procure music for you. (For adult students/those with extensive music collections: if you are accustomed to & knowledgeable about ordering your own music, this fee may be waived – let’s discuss what will serve you best.)
  • Recital/Contest/Competition entry fees will be assessed in addition to the Registration Fee, on a per-event basis.


  • Tuition is paid in 10 equal payments, due on/before final day of the month: July – April for school year lessons, May & June for Summer lessons. We have between 1 & 5 Lessons per calendar month, depending on your Lesson day & the particular monthly calendar.
  • In May we will create a Summer Lessons package to suit your family’s Summer plans. Tuition for May & June payments will be adjusted according to your Summer plan.
  • Please email or call (828) 230.7343 for detailed information about Lesson packages & Tuition.


  • Any lesson I miss, for any reason, will be made up.
  • Lessons missed by students for illness will be made up if I receive & acknowledge receipt of 24 hours notice – up to 1 lesson per semester.
  • Advance notice time of 24 hours is counted from when I hear/see the message, not when you leave/send it. Texting/calling my cell (828.230.7343) is best for this communication.
  • Beyond one lesson per semester, or for insufficient notice, makeup lessons will be scheduled at my discretion.
  • Makeups will not be given for conflicting activities/appointments.
  • Cancellation due to lack of preparation is not advised – we can use the time to good advantage.
  • Makeup lessons will be completed within the school year (ideally within the semester) in which they become necessary if at all possible.
  • There are no Tuition refunds/credits for missed Lessons.
  • It is not possible to make up Group Lessons that students miss. If I miss a Group Lesson, I will reschedule it.

*** Special  ❤️ Request ***

To anyone who’s feeling like they’re coming down with something/has symptoms (sneezing, sore throat, coughing, etc.), Please Stay Home & Take Care Of Yourself. Attending lessons in this condition is rarely fun or beneficial, & your being well/supporting a healthy environment in the teaching studio is appreciated. Thank you!