Asheville Piano Experience


Hello Parents, Adult Students, and any Younger Students who choose to read this!

Welcome to another fun and fulfilling year of piano music and learning – I am so pleased to be connected with you in this way!

Here are some thoughts for creating our best year yet.

Parents, please accept my sincere thanks for your commitment and support. Your involvement in the Student-Parent-Teacher triangle is essential, and your contribution is priceless. Thank you for making it possible for me to do the work I love – I appreciate you!

My Pursuit:

  • To guide and inspire each student in developing piano skills and in experiencing excellence and mastery – at any level of involvement in piano
  • To facilitate self-understanding, quality of inner life and fulfillment for each student through accomplishment and expansion of potential
  • To foster the experience of perceiving & expressing beauty from within through music via participation in the traditions of the piano
  • To have fun and enjoy all of this!

Our Path:

  • To enjoy music, pursue ordered creativity, increase self-knowledge and enhance self-reliance through piano study
  • To enrich life for each student and their family with music and the piano in a way that works for them and fits into their life
  • To introduce the student to and prepare them for a lifetime of fulfilling musical activity as hobbyist or professional, as they choose
  • Students interested in pursuing higher musical education/employment in music will be prepared to do so assuming enough years of well-prepared lessons