Asheville Piano Experience


School Year Lessons

  • Solo Lessons meet weekly with the exception of Vacations & Group Lesson weeks.
  • Depending on the month, there are 2 to 5 lessons per month.
  • Group Lesson weeks occur four times per year, in place of Solo Lessons.
  • Group Lessons are an invaluable part of study. They add a social element, provide inspiration & stimulation, & allow students to learn from each other throughout all ages & levels of study.
  • Group Lesson atmosphere is relaxed & supportive – we meet for fun & to enjoy music, the piano & each other!
  • Group Lessons meet on varying days of the week to enhance convenience for as many of you as possible.
  • Snow Days: we meet on school closing days to the extent that weather & safe driving permit.
  • Please see the pdf at the link below for details, & please be in touch if you have questions.

Summer Lessons:

  • Participation in summer lessons affords students the required exposure to support longterm accomplishment & ensures a good return on investment. (Students who take the summer off typically require several months review/catchup in the fall, the result being that they experience only about 7-8 months accomplishment for every year of study.)
  • In May we’ll create Summer Lesson package to suit each family’s summer plans.
  • Examples: to accommodate your family’s travel plans, summer camps, etc., Summer Lessons may be weekly, 2 or more times a week during selected weeks, or scheduled in an Intensive package similar to summer day camp.

Please click here to view and/or download the calendar