Asheville Piano Experience

Arielle McIntyre, Massage Therapist & Yoga student

I have studied piano with other teachers in the past, but I always lost interest. Deborah Belcher is the first teacher who held my interest and inspired me to keep at it.  She has taught me to relax, trust myself, and to have FUN. Instead of sitting down at the piano and saying “Ah! This is hard this is stressful I’m confused”, now I say “Ahhhh… This is easy as pie and I get it. Now let’s make some music.”
Deborah’s most outstanding quality as a teacher is her ability to bring the practice of body awareness and mindfulness to piano. This allowed me to not only play better, but to enjoy myself while playing! After a year as her student, I look back on all that I have learned, and I look forward to all that lies ahead!
Arielle McIntyre, Massage Therapist & Yoga student
Asheville, NC