Asheville Piano Experience

Dr. Anna Garrett

“When I started considering taking piano lessons again at the age of 50, I still had flashbacks of my stern teacher and nerve-wracking recitals from elementary school days. But I knew I wanted to develop my creative side more, so I decided to jump back in.

What I love most about working with Deborah is that she meets her adult students where they are. Every week is different, with different demands on my time, but she is always patient and understanding during the periods when practice time is limited. She allows me to choose the pieces I want to work on and helps me break them down into small chunks to work on so I am not overwhelmed.

By working with Deborah for almost 2 years, my skills have advanced tremendously and I am able to get out of my head and into the music so I can really use playing to relax. Deborah encourages me to take imperfect action and enjoy the process of learning and playing. And best of all, my sixth-grade flashbacks are gone!”

Dr. Anna Garrett, Chief Mojo Officer, My Mojo Magic

Asheville, NC